If you’re planning to compete on the 2017 Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally, we would like to share some provisional route information to help you with your preparations. As the keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed, the MSA has included a new regulation in their Yearbook; Section R, as follows for very understandable safety reasons:

“38.1.7. Competitors may only refuel in areas, not being road sections, specifically designated by the organisers or by using commercially available pump fuel dispensed directly from pumps at filling stations on the rally route.”

As a result, the 2017 Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally intends (subject to MSA approval), to designate the Service Areas between TC(IN) and TC(OUT) as the specific and only areas where refuelling is allowed during the Legs. There is no intention to set up a stand-alone refuel zone this year. In addition, we are in discussions with the filling stations to determine which fuels and opening hours they are planning. The expected mileages between refuel points are given below, and we would encourage prospective competitors to ensure their cars can accommodate this route.

In summary, refuelling at Emergency Service locations will not be permitted and crews found doing so may be penalised. Details will be in the Supplementary Regulations which will be available on the Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally website in due course.

Start Leg 1 to Service A
22 stage miles + 17 road miles

Service A to end of Leg 1:
30 stage miles + 42 road miles

Restart Leg 2 to Service B
10 stage miles + 42 road miles

Service B to Service C
22 stage miles + 21 road miles

Service C to end of Leg 2
22 stage miles + 11 road miles

Restart Leg 3 to Service D
31 stage miles + 38 road miles

Service D to end of Rally
16 stage miles + 14 road miles