Police Presence

2001 Police course car

Police Scotland will have an increased presence on the island for the weekend of the rally as well as rally week. Having started discussions for 2014 back in December there is close support for the event and the work that goes into the rally happening as well how it affects the local community. Mull Rally organisers are extremely grateful for this working relationship.

Police Anglia

From this weekend there will be an unmarked Police car on the island as well as other traffic cars. This is very much a preventative matter, not one of detection. Over the last two years only one competitor has been stopped by the Police for speeding and it would be fantastic to see that that statistic is not added to this year.

Police RS200

But the competitors are only one part of the equation. If you are over servicing, officiating, supporting or spectating remember the road conditions, remember the inclement weather and drive and behave accordingly. Let us all hope that officers over for the weekend have the most boring, quiet weekend ever. We can definitely have an influence in that.

Police stopping RS500