Duffy Interview

Duffy ready to shine in new Skoda

NINE-TIME WINNER Calum Duffy heads into this weekend’s Beatson’s Mull Rally behind the wheel an all-new Skoda. The Dervaig driver gives Jim McGill an insight into his reason for switching from last year’s Subaru into his bespoke, right-hand driver Skoda S2500.

“In my opinion, the Skoda was the most successful S2000 car out there and we wanted to go for the best one to do the conversion on,” Calum explained.

“We bought the car from Desi Henry last November and, knowing how good the Escorts were that they built for me, Den Motorsport did all the mechanical side of the Skoda work, including the right-hand drive conversion.

“On paper you’ve got far better brakes and suspension, four-wheel-drive and just a better all-round package, It’s also lighter, so in theory it’s all there. All these plusses will add up; now it’s just a case of me maximising them.

“The car’s a lot wider than I’m used to. But it’s very precise, very nimble. I knew when i tested the car last month that I was driving a car which was a proper rally car. All the noises and smells were right. A real rally car.

“We’ve also fitted a 2.5-litre Millington into the engine bay, so that will really light up the hills and valleys on Mull. I can’t wait for the action to start.”