The organisers of the Beatson’s Mull Rally and Police Scotland have worked together to highlight the consequences of spectators entering ‘closed roads’ before they have been reopened.

In an incident on Friday evening, a car driven by the member of the public entered SS1 on Mishnish Lochs before the road had been reopened to the public.

He also headed in the ‘in the wrong direction’ against rally traffic near the Tobermory section of the stage.

Concerned for his safety and the wellbeing of others, the organisers alerted Police Scotland to the incident. The driver was subsequently stopped and arrested, and a report has been sent to the Procurator Fiscal.

“Naturally we take the safety of spectators and competitors extremely importantly,” Clerk of the Course Andy Jardine stated this morning. “As part of the UK Government’s Road Closure Order, which allows us to operate the Beatson’s Mull Rally, we have a five-hour window on each section of the road that we have closed for the rally.

“Effectively, it is an offence even to walk on the road during the five hours the road section is closed to the rally. “We work hand-in-hand with Police Scotland in these matters to ensure the safety off all the interested parties, and to keep the rally running on time, which is to the benefit of crews and spectators.

“Saturday is the busiest day of the rally, and we hope the incident last night will act as a reminder to everyone else of the potential consequences of their actions.

“Enjoy today’s thrilling action: and please stay safe.”