Bogie Interview

Scottish champ Bogie set for Mull debut

FIVE TIMES SCOTTISH Rally Champion, and former British champion David Bogie will make his Beatson’s Mull Rally debut driving a MkII Ford Escort. He spoke to Jim McGill about his decision to finally tackle Mull.

“This will be my first time doing Mull,” David explained. “I’ve been across before and actually stayed with Calum Duffy. I’ve been spectating, so I have a reasonable idea of what the roads involve, but obviously it’s a very specialised event.

“What makes Mull unique is the fact you have two legs in darkness. Now it wouldn’t perhaps be so difficult if it was in Ireland, where there are a lot more reference points, be it houses, post boxes, fences, or telegraph poles. But on Mull there just aren’t those points of reference. That makes it a lot more specialised.

“I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been wanting to do Mull for quite some time now, and of course I’ve got people asking me on a daily basis, ‘when are you going to come and do Mull?’

“People are fascinated by the rally, so I thought I’d do it this year.

It’s maybe not the best preparation, doing it two weeks before Rally GB, but I thought, why not have a crack at it now?”