Spectator Info & Safety

Spectator Information and Safety

Rally Programmes

The official rally programme is the best way to find out all the information on this year’s Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally; containing stage maps, spectator information, features and an entry list. 

You can grab your copy at any one of these locations on Mull:

  • Arlene’s Craignure
  • Isle of Mull Chocolate Craignure
  • Spar Craignure
  • Spar Salen
  • MacDonald Garage Salen
  • Tobermory Stores
  • Tobermory Post Office
  • HiServ Tobermory
  • Macgochans Tobermory
  • Mishnish Hotel Tobermory
  • Brown’s Tobermory
  • Bellachroy Hotel Dervaig
  • Bunessan Spar
  • Fionnphort Ferry Shop

Spectator Information – Key times

The full schedule can be downloaded here: mull23_schedule_v1.25
And the complete routemaps here: 2023 Mull Route Maps V3_compressed

Thursday 12th October

Pre-event scrutineering                                 11:00 – 18:00     Ledaig Car Park, Tobermory
                                                                                                           W3W: ///decimals.birthdays.steamed

Mull Rally Forum                                             19:30                    Aros Hall, Tobermory
                                                                                                           W3W: ///coarser.unopposed.luxury

Tunnocks Teacake Competition                 21:30                    MacGochans, Tobermory
                                                                                                           W3W: ///mistaken.nuance.caressed

Friday 13th October

Shakedown                                                        09:00 – 12:00    Duart Castle
                                                                                                          W3W: ///variances.stow.conforms

Limited spectating here and even more limited parking; please follow marshal instructions and do not block passing places.

Pre-event scrutineering                                 09:30 – 13:30     Ledaig Car Park, Tobermory
                                                                                                           W3W: ///decimals.birthdays.steamed

Ceremonial Start                                             14:30                    Ledaig Car Park, Tobermory
                                                                                                           W3W: ///decimals.birthdays.steamed

Drivers will be interviewed as they leave the start, with a car leaving every minute until around 17:00. We’re positioning our big screen here for the rest of Friday, so you can keep up to date with action around the island with live broadcasts until 23:00.

SS3 Hill Road /Glen Aros                              19:00                     Dervaig, Smiddy Junction
                                                                                                           W3W: ///costly.brimmed.consonant

The cars come from the West and turn right at the church, with the first car due soon after 19:00. The only road access to Dervaig at this time is from Tobermory, roads are closed in other directions. There will be action here until around 22:00. Parking is very difficult so please be considerate, and of course follow marshal instructions.

End of Leg                                                           19:30                  Salen Hotel, Salen
                                                                                                            W3W: ///ally.streaking.mistress

Saturday 14th October / Sunday 15th October

Re-start                                                                09:20                 Ledaig Car Park, Tobermory
                                                                                                            W3W: ///decimals.birthdays.steamed

Drivers will be interviewed as they leave the start!

SS4/SS7 Mishnish Lochs                               09:30 & 11:45      Tobermory Cheese Farm
                                                                                                           W3W: ///vase.cashiers.unpainted

The spectator area is a short walk from the Glass Barn. There is limited car parking, but the location is walkable from Tobermory. The cars will pass here four times in total on Saturday (same location as SS13/SS17). The live screen will be here all day, so even when there are no cars you can keep up to date with the action. The spectator area includes catering from Isle of Mull Coffee, lighting and toilets. Please use the litter facilities provided.

End of Leg                                                           12:45                   Salen Hotel, Salen
                                                                                                            W3W: ///ally.streaking.mistress

Re-start                                                                17:55                   Salen Hotel, Salen
                                                                                                            W3W: ///ally.streaking.mistress

Drivers will be interviewed as they leave the start!

SS13/SS17 Achnadrish                                  20:24 & 00:24     Tobermory Cheese Farm
                                                                                                           W3W: ///vase.cashiers.unpainted

The spectator area is a short walk from the Glass Barn. There is limited car parking, but the location is walkable from Tobermory. The live screen will be here all day, so even when there are no cars you can keep up to date with the action. The spectator area includes catering from Isle of Mull Coffee, lighting and toilets. Please use the litter facilities provided.

Ceremonial Finish                                           00:30                    Ledaig Car Park, Tobermory
                                                                                                            W3W: ///decimals.birthdays.steamed

Enjoy the celebrations as the crews cross the much-welcomed finish!

Prize presentation                                          14:30                    Tobermory
                                                                                                           W3W: ///leaflet.canal.frozen

We’re back in Tobermory on Sunday afternoon, with our traditional parade along the Main Street from 14:30 to the Aquarium where we present the trophies to all the lucky winners. We’ll interview the top crews here, and there might be some champagne sprayed!

The Mull Rally attracts a great number of spectators which is something, as organisers, that we encourage. This does, however, bring with it issues such as on stage parking that we are finding difficult to control and need you all to help us resolve.

Give yourselves plenty of time to find a location and park safely. Parking in lay-bys is strictly forbidden and vehicles parked too near the road could jeopardise the running of the stage.

The roads that form the special stages of the rally are closed by a road closure order for a five hour window. This means that it is an offence to be on the road between the road closure start and finish times.

In the hour before the competitors are live on the stage various safety cars, including the Spectator Safety Vehicle and the Motorsport UK Safety Delegate will come through the stage to check it’s readiness. Be aware that if you, or others, are in an unsafe position or continuing to ignore the marshals instructions, the Motorsport UK Safety Delegate has the authority to delay the stage or in extreme situations cancel it. Nobody want this so please co-operate with marshals and officials.

At the end of the stage various official vehicles including the doctor and rescue crews follow behind the last competitor. This is to ensure they have free access to any incident that may occur at the end of the field. This is not a signal that the road is open. Another vehicle marked “ROAD OPEN” will follow which then signals that you can use the road again. In 2012 the last stage couldn’t be restarted after an incident because a spectator drove on the stage during the gap. A year later three stages were lost for the same reason.

Be aware that as you leave the stage there may be recovery operations underway that block the road so please be patient.

Please do not bring drones to the rally as their use is expressly prohibited over or near any part of the event, the stages or service area. Any reports of a drone flying during the event will be reported to the police and if required the stage itself will be stopped.

Rally cars can do the unexpected so, for your own safety and that of others, please:

  • Respect the marshals and follow their instructions
  • Observe the colour coded tape and all signage
  • Use the natural environment to protect yourself
  • Don’t walk on the rally stage
  • Stay standing and remain alert

Remember that alcohol and drugs can impair your responses and threaten your safety.

Ready to Rock!

Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally is ready to rock!

  • The Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally takes place for the 51st time this weekend [13 – 15 October]
  • New format sees the opening stages take place in daylight, before mammoth Saturday into Sunday legs
  • All competitors will offset their carbon emissions, totalling 70,000Kg CO2e
  • Two-time winners Daniel Harper and Chris Campbell lead the field in their MINI JCW WRC
  • Dervaig driver John MacCrone returns to top-flight machinery and gives an insight into the 2023 Mull Rally

It’s half a century not out for the Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally, and as the iconic island motorsport weekend approaches, preparations are almost complete for the 51st edition which kicks off this Friday, ahead of three days of breathtaking closed-road action [13-15 October].

This year’s offering will see around 120 contenders assemble in Tobermory, ahead of 134 miles of some of the finest island roads in existence and the ultimate battle for the top spot and the honour of etching their names on the Mull Rally trophy.

The fight to lead the procession through Tobermory on Sunday afternoon is as unpredictable as ever with any one of the top-flight contenders capable of challenging for the win, offering fans and volunteers who have made the trip to Mull, as well as eager residents and townsfolk, a guaranteed spectacle.

Leading the field away will be two-time winners Daniel Harper and Chris Campbell in their MINI JCW WRC. Arguably Mull veterans, the pairing know exactly the ingredients required to win against the locals and the Lancashire driver will undoubtedly be up for the fight.

As will Dervaig driver and leading local hero John MacCrone, who means business with a return to top-flight Rally2 machinery and a Fiesta Rally2. Another double winner, MacCrone is eager to stand on the top step of the podium once again.

“I`m going out for a win, the trouble is, so is everyone else,” says MacCrone.

“Whether that will be the reality or not, we will find out. But we have got the right machinery and a top-class navigator in Dai Roberts so I will be giving it 100% on every single corner to try and make that possible but it won’t be easy.”

It won’t be easy at all when you look at the competition around him. Asphalt ace Neil Roskell pilots his Fiesta Rally2 with Andrew Roughead on the notes at the third seed, whilst Jonathan Mounsey and Richard Wardle also return in a similar example. It’s an all-Tobermory crew at five with Lewis Gallagher and Angus Williams’ Mitsubishi Evo IX.

An on-form James Ford brings his Citroen C3 Rally2 with Neil Shanks on the notes, whilst Tobermory driver Fergus Barlow steps into the latest spec car for the first time, nailing his flag to the mast for a maiden victory, brother Craig will co-drive and flies all the way from New Zealand to take up the other seat!

Picking a winner is a tough prospect says MacCrone.

“Daniel is on a big pace in the Mini and Neil Roskell is rallying at the sharp end of the National Asphalt championship and has put a lot of preparation into this year’s event. Throw in Lewis Gallagher, Jon Mounsey, James Ford and Fergus Barlow and we have our work cut out this year. To be honest, it’s such a hard rally to win, if you take victory on Mull, you have either been lucky or right at the top of your game.

“All of these guys will have the same idea as me, so we will need to be going hard to be in with a shout”.

Yes John, yes you will.

After Friday morning’s [October 13] shakedown at Duart Castle from 09:00, your prawn sandwich would have only just gone down before the Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally gets underway from Tobermory at 14:30. The Ceremonial Start at Ledaig Car Park enjoys commentary and a Big Screen, as crews prepare to head out for two stages in daylight, followed by a service from Craignure to Salen just after 17:15, where crews will fit the light pods ahead of a further stage in darkness, before the overnight halt at Salen from 19:20.”

Saturday restarts in Tobermory at 09:20 with three stages repeated for the second leg of the event and over 53 competitive miles in store. The Duffy Skylining Mishnish Lochs double run also enjoys the now traditional big screen, beaming stage end reports and results to fans at the Isle of Mull Cheese Fanzone from 09:00. Salen will be a welcome sight from 12:45, marking a short respite ahead of leg three.

The third and final leg re-starts from Salen at 17:55, once again with commentary before the daunting night-time leg of over 63 miles and eight stages. Service is back in Craignure at 21:50 to split the evening up, with Electric Switchgear Services Achnadrish 1/2 hosting the Big Screen back at the Isle of Mull Cheese Fanzone throughout the night, starting just after 20:00.

The Ledaig Car Park in Tobermory will see the weary finishers cross the Ceremonial Finish Ramp from at 00:30 on Sunday morning. The traditional prize presentation takes place in Tobermory from 15:00. Full spectator information can be found in the event programme, available in various outlets across the island.

Island resident MacCrone thinks the new format could shake things up a bit.

“It’ll be an interesting year. The Friday afternoon start is obviously new and I think it will suit the guys that have had a bit more seat time this year than ourselves. The three or four guys around us have done a few rallies this year and the local knowledge aspect will be lessened starting in daylight. I think we need to be patient initially and feel our way into the car. Saturday night is a big leg and my thinking is if we can there or thereabouts starting the Saturday night leg, there is a lot of mileage that night to find time.

“Hopefully it’s a dry weekend not just for ourselves but the marshals and spectators. It’s nice to see the Mishnish Lochs stage running in its old format and maybe get a crack at the stage record if that’s the case. I’ve got a bet on with my pal that we will try for it if it’s dry, which should be a lot of fun!”

Fun it will be, but there is a serious side to the event, as it strives to mitigate its environmental impact. Thanks to a continued partnership with Carbon Positive Motorsport, the Mull Rally will see a significant uplift in its long-term ecological roadmap, by ensuring that all competitors in this year’s event will offset their carbon emissions.

It will offset more than 70,000Kg CO2e, which is more than most other stage rally events in the world, reinforcing its pledge to be one of the leading events for commitment to sustainability and longevity. This is coupled with several environmental champions who will help spread the positive message for change within the sport’s networks.

Clerk of the Course, Richard Crozier and his team have been planning this year’s event for over 12 months and is excited to finally see it come to fruition.

“It’s been a challenging few weeks with the weather and logistics but with true Scottish grit and determination, everyone has got stuck in and ensured we are on track to deliver yet another sensational Mull Rally that everyone has come to love.

“It’s a new format this year which changes the dynamics a little but it’s the same epic challenge it always was and we can’t wait to see everyone landing on the island to prepare for the weekend ahead. Our extended thanks must go to John Marshall of Beatson’s Building Supplies for his continued support of the rally and of course to all our partners who helped make the event happen.

“Now it’s our turn to deliver a Mull Rally to remember.”

2023 Tunnock’s Teacake Eating Contest

Tunnock’s have generously supplied lots of their delicious Teacakes for our annual Teacake eating contest, and MacGochans have again agreed to host the event at 2130 hrs. on Thursday 12th October.

The competition is for each competitor to eat as many Tunnock’s Teacakes as they can in four minutes, followed by a can of Barr’s Irn-Bru within a further minute.   Each competitor will have one ‘unwrapper’ who is allowed to unwrap one Teacake while waiting for the competitor to finish the previous biscuit.  Each competitor must agree to publicity photographs being taken, no matter how disgusting they look!  Both the competitor and the unwrapper must be over 18 years old and have a connection with the rally. Liking Tunnock’s Teacakes and Barr’s Irn-Bru would be an obvious advantage!

For a chance of entering, send the following details to Teacake@mullrally.org no later than 2200 hrs. on Wednesday 11th October 2023.

Your name, your mobile number and your connection with the rally (Competitor, marshal, service crew, etc.) and stating that you are over 18 years of age.

The name of your ‘unwrapper’, their mobile number and connection with the rally and stating that they are over 18 years of age.

Failure to provide all the above is instant exclusion!

A ballot will be held if we receive more entries than can be accommodated, and successful competitors will be contacted by 1500 hrs. on Thursday afternoon. 

Successful entrants must be OUTSIDE the front door of MacGochans no later than 2115 hrs. on Thursday evening.  Any entrants not there by that time will be excluded and their place given to someone else.

Spectators and supporters are very welcome but they must not enter the competition area before 2130 hrs. because we need to set up the room with tables, chairs, Tunnock’s Teacakes and Barr’s Irn-Bru, and, if thought necessary, mops and buckets!