Targa Rally on Youtube

Our friends up at Tobermory Campsite have generously allowed the use of their park to host some of Friday’s Targa Rally more complex test stages. But not content with that, they have also rigged up a feed to Youtube so that the event can be streamed live to your computer screen! Many thanks to 12 year old Cameron who I understand provided the technical know-how in order to achieve this.

Follow the link below to access the Tobermory Campsite Youtube Channel, from where the live feed will be available on Friday at about 10:30 and 16:30.


Statement on 2017 Mull Rally

2017 Beatson’s Mull Rally — Statement

It is a matter of considerable regret for the organisers and the Motor Sport Association, the sport’s governing body, that the Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally cannot run as a closed road event in 2017 due to insurmountable insurance issues.

MSA Chief Executive Rob Jones explained the current situation:

“The Mull Rally runs under a private Act of Parliament. It has emerged that the private closed road legislation raises very significant insurance challenges for Mull this year, which was first thought to render the Mull Rally uninsurable.

“The MSA has been endeavouring to find a solution with its brokers. Whilst the brokers have offered a potential solution for 2017, this is unfortunately totally impractical as each and every claim under the policy would be subject to a very significant excess payable by the organisers, and one which the organisers cannot afford.”

Consequently the Mull Rally is unable to run as a closed road event this year. It will be the first time the world renowned three-day rally, which last year attracted a record-equalling 150 crews and generates around £1 million for the local economy, will not have run on closed public roads since the event was granted its Act of Parliament in 1990.

“This development has come as a massive shock,” Andy Jardine, Mull Rally Clerk of the Course, said on receiving the news, “as we were well on with a lot of the early work of setting the route and preparing the paperwork.

“As I understand it, the MSA has been working behind the scenes to try and agree a work-around but have been unable to come up with an acceptable solution. Our attention is now focussed on what can be done in the short timescale to make sure something happens over the weekend.”

Donald Brown, chairman of the Guardians of Mull Rally, admitted the cancellation of the 2017 Mull Rally will have a negative financial impact on the island.

“There’s no denying this is a huge blow to the Island and its businesses who work hard to welcome the competitors, volunteers and spectators each year to the island in October,” Brown said.

“The organising team is endeavouring to put on an alternative motorsport event for the same weekend on Mull. Naturally those plans are at a very early stage of development, but it’s hoped the new event will be attractive to Mull residents, competitors, volunteers and spectators alike.

“Initial feasibility checks have been started to see what can be done to mitigate the impact and hope we can rely on our regular visitors continuing to support us.”

The MSA and Mull Rally organisers fully acknowledge the Mull Rally’s economic benefit of around £1 million to the Isle of Mull.

It is hoped that following the conclusion of the Fatal Accident Inquiry into the Jim Clark and Snowman rallies in July and August this year, that the Scottish Government will quickly adopt the new legislation recently passed in Westminster which will allow the Mull Rally to make a return in its closed road format in 2018.

Spectator Safety

If you are coming to spectate…

The Mull Rally attracts a great number of spectators which is something, as organisers, that we encourage. This does, however, bring with it issues such as on stage parking that we are finding difficult to control and need you all to help us resolve.

Give yourselves plenty of time to find a location and park safely. Parking in lay-bys is strictly forbidden and vehicles parked too near the road could jeopardise the running of the stage.

The roads that form the special stages of the rally are closed by a road closure order for a five hour window. This means that it is an offence to be on the road between the road closure start and finish times.

In the hour before the competitors are live on the stage various safety cars, including the Spectator Safety Vehicle and the Motorsport UK Safety Delegate will come through the stage to check it’s readiness. Be aware that if you, or others, are in an unsafe position or continuing to ignore the marshals instructions, the Motorsport UK Safety Delegate has the authority to delay the stage or in extreme situations cancel it. Nobody want this so please co-operate with marshals and officials.

At the end of the stage various official vehicles including the doctor and rescue crews follow behind the last competitor. This is to ensure they have free access to any incident that may occur at the end of the field. This is not a signal that the road is open. Another vehicle marked “ROAD OPEN” will follow which then signals that you can use the road again. In 2012 the last stage couldn’t be restarted after an incident because a spectator drove on the stage during the gap. A year later three stages were lost for the same reason.

Be aware that as you leave the stage there may be recovery operations underway that block the road so please be patient.

Please do not bring drones to the rally as their use is expressly prohibited over or near any part of the event, the stages or service area. Any reports of a drone flying during the event will be reported to the police and if required the stage itself will be stopped.

Rally cars can do the unexpected so, for your own safety and that of others, please:

  • Respect the marshals and follow their instructions
  • Observe the colour coded tape and all signage
  • Use the natural environment to protect yourself
  • Don’t walk on the rally stage
  • Stay standing and remain alert

Remember that alcohol and drugs can impair your responses and threaten your safety.