Spectator Safety

If you are coming to spectate…

The Mull Rally attracts a great number of spectators which is something, as organisers, that we encourage. This does, however, bring with it issues such as on stage parking that we are finding difficult to control and need you all to help us resolve.

Give yourselves plenty of time to find a location and park safely. Parking in lay-bys is strictly forbidden and vehicles parked too near the road could jeopardise the running of the stage.

The roads that form the special stages of the rally are closed by a road closure order for a five hour window. This means that it is an offence to be on the road between the road closure start and finish times.

In the hour before the competitors are live on the stage various safety cars, including the Spectator Safety Vehicle and the Motorsport UK Safety Delegate will come through the stage to check it’s readiness. Be aware that if you, or others, are in an unsafe position or continuing to ignore the marshals instructions, the Motorsport UK Safety Delegate has the authority to delay the stage or in extreme situations cancel it. Nobody want this so please co-operate with marshals and officials.

At the end of the stage various official vehicles including the doctor and rescue crews follow behind the last competitor. This is to ensure they have free access to any incident that may occur at the end of the field. This is not a signal that the road is open. Another vehicle marked “ROAD OPEN” will follow which then signals that you can use the road again. In 2012 the last stage couldn’t be restarted after an incident because a spectator drove on the stage during the gap. A year later three stages were lost for the same reason.

Be aware that as you leave the stage there may be recovery operations underway that block the road so please be patient.

Please do not bring drones to the rally as their use is expressly prohibited over or near any part of the event, the stages or service area. Any reports of a drone flying during the event will be reported to the police and if required the stage itself will be stopped.

Rally cars can do the unexpected so, for your own safety and that of others, please:

  • Respect the marshals and follow their instructions
  • Observe the colour coded tape and all signage
  • Use the natural environment to protect yourself
  • Don’t walk on the rally stage
  • Stay standing and remain alert

Remember that alcohol and drugs can impair your responses and threaten your safety.