Safety Again

Safety Message

We need you to share this video over and over again. There are real safety messages in here and we need everyone to take these onboard for when the rally starts.

The road closes 1 hour before the 1st competing car, there will be numerous course cars carrying out their work in that hour. Then at the end of the field there will be a Sweeper car. This is NOT the road opening car, following it will be the medical/rescue services and THEN the road opening car. All cars will be sign written with their roles on it.

Should a stage be stopped for any reason, we will do our utmost to get it running again. If you, or anyone around you goes onto the road the Clerk of the Course will have no option but to CANCEL the stage. So don’t move until the road opener has been through.

Now after all this, enjoy the short video and go and share it with fellow competitors, spectators, residents and guests who might be be on the island during the rally. Thank you.