Escort Challenge


Organisers of the Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally will introduce the R.A.C.E. Escort Challenge at this year’s event. The award is open to all rear-wheel-drive Ford Escort crews, and will feature an incentive for first time drivers.

The award, supported by leading Ford Escort proponents, Phil and Mick Squires of Rally and Competition Equipment in Stoke-On-Trent, are offering a £500 voucher to the challenge winner.

The iconic asphalt rally, which last year attracted a capacity 150 car entry, takes place on the Isle of Mull between the 13 and 15 October. The R.A.C.E. Escort Challenge has been created in recognition of the continued popularity of Ford Escorts in rallying, and it is hoped that the new award will attract top Escort crews that may not have previously considered coming to Mull.

Duncan Brown, Mull Rally Deputy Clerk of the Course says, “Ford Escorts have a strong heritage on Mull, with RWD versions winning 17 of the previous rallies. They are still popular today, over 20% of last year’s field were Escorts. We wanted to create a standalone award for the growing number of Escort crews, and we felt it was important that this award is possible for a newcomer to win.

We hope that R.A.C.E. Escort Challenge will attract new Escort crews from the U.K., Ireland and further afield. Perhaps some Welsh and English tarmac expects might consider this is the year to test themselves on Mull’s roads. The event has recently attracted a number of high-profile Escort drivers, including former British Champion David Bogie, who was as high as fourth in his first time competing on the event last year.”

The challenge is open to all crews who enter the rally in a rear-wheel-drive Mk1 or Mk2 Escort, or RWD Mk3-4-5-6 conversion – as defined by the Make/Model on the entry form and MSA log book. All forms of Escort shall be allowed – including historic models, and “hybrids” e.g. with Vauxhall or Millington engines, sequential boxes etc.

Crews will be scored on their overall finishing position, plus a handicap based the number of previous Mull Rally starts since 2000 as a driver. The crew with the lowest score wins. As with other class awards, the top three overall finishers are not eligible. Hence, the organisers think this category will be hotly contested.




If you’re planning to compete on the 2017 Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally, we would like to share some provisional route information to help you with your preparations. As the keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed, the MSA has included a new regulation in their Yearbook; Section R, as follows for very understandable safety reasons:

“38.1.7. Competitors may only refuel in areas, not being road sections, specifically designated by the organisers or by using commercially available pump fuel dispensed directly from pumps at filling stations on the rally route.”

As a result, the 2017 Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally intends (subject to MSA approval), to designate the Service Areas between TC(IN) and TC(OUT) as the specific and only areas where refuelling is allowed during the Legs. There is no intention to set up a stand-alone refuel zone this year. In addition, we are in discussions with the filling stations to determine which fuels and opening hours they are planning. The expected mileages between refuel points are given below, and we would encourage prospective competitors to ensure their cars can accommodate this route.

In summary, refuelling at Emergency Service locations will not be permitted and crews found doing so may be penalised. Details will be in the Supplementary Regulations which will be available on the Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally website in due course.

Start Leg 1 to Service A
22 stage miles + 17 road miles

Service A to end of Leg 1:
30 stage miles + 42 road miles

Restart Leg 2 to Service B
10 stage miles + 42 road miles

Service B to Service C
22 stage miles + 21 road miles

Service C to end of Leg 2
22 stage miles + 11 road miles

Restart Leg 3 to Service D
31 stage miles + 38 road miles

Service D to end of Rally
16 stage miles + 14 road miles


Shakedown – Duart Castle


Shakedown – Duart Castle

Perhaps the first time that Calum Duffy will get to try out his new rocket, the Skoda Fabia with the Millington engine, will be on the Shakedown stage on the Friday morning.

The three-hour window for this stage is only for 30 cars and takes place between 09.00 to 12.00. Spectators will need to be in place before the first run and remain till the road opens again three hours later.

This is the ideal opportunity for the cobwebs to be blown off the cars, crews and the spectators – especially given the location right by the castle on the edge of the Sound of Mull.

12 hours


12 hours till it was more than full

12 hours. 12 hours, that is all it took for 177 entries to be received for 2016 Beaston’s Building Supplies Mull Rally. Now that definitely took us by surprise!

It is really encouraging to see that response and desire from competitors wanting to take on the challenge of the Mull Rally. We all know that Mull is known as a challenging event in the far flung corners of the earth but it’s great that so many want to participate

Duffy still hasn’t managed to get his new car to turn a wheel yet. Not to turn a wheel in anger, it hasn’t run yet so that is going to be an interesting first stage. John MacCrone is still working on a deal for a car. Does that not always seem to be the case and Paul Mackinnon has entered in that really fast TBA.

Then there are the entries that have really caught folk’s imagination: Frank Kelly and David Bogie in their respective MK2 Escorts. They had a great battle on the Donegal International Rally, where David came out on top but thanks to support from various corners we now have both on the island in October.

Anyone want to help with the seeding of this lot?