What is a Targa Rally?

The official name is “Dual Permit Clubman’s Historic Road Rally and Targa Road Rally”. It is an event restricted to road cars and road tyres, which will traverse the island and undertake a series of tests.

The competitive sections are restricted to a maximum average speed of 30 mph and take place on private roads. Once on the public roads, the cars will travel with the general traffic flow. The competitive sections form either Special Tests (tight and twisty routes, where the competitor endeavours to set their fastest time) or Regularity Tests (where the competitor attempts to maintain a specified average speed).

One major difference over a stage rally is that standard road cars are eligible, as long as they comply to the fairly simple technical rules. The “Dual Permit” aspect allows us to attract Historic-specification cars, those cars built prior to 1985.

Depending on the Event Status (as defined in the Supplementary Regulations) you will require a competition license, however there is no need for fireproof racesuits nor crash helmets.