2022 Teacake Eating Contest

Ron Cowan will be running an official Tunnock’s Teacake Eating Contest upstairs in Bar Beag in MacGochan’s, Tobermory, at 21:30 on Thursday 13th. October 2022. As the area requires to be set up, spectators shouldn’t enter until the doors are opened at 21:30. Successful entrants will receive separate instructions for entry.

The competition will be to find the person who can eat the most Tunnock’s Teacakes in 4 minutes followed by drinking a full can of Barr’s Irn-Bru in one minute. Each competitor requires an unwrapper to keep the supply of Teacakes flowing. All entrants and unwrappers must be over 18 years of age.

Should there be a tie a further period of 2 minutes will follow.

A Tunnock’s Teacake biscuit is 24g, made of soft marshmallow on a biscuit base and coated in real milk chocolate. (Not gluten free).

To enter, please send an email entitled ‘2022 Entry’ to teacake@mullrally.org, containing the following information:

* Name of competitor
* Mobile number of competitor
* Name of unwrapper
* Mobile number of unwrapper
* Your connection with the Rally (Competitor number, marshal, spectator, etc)
* A statement that both entrants are over 18 years of age.
* A statement that both members agree to photographs / video being taken for publicity purposes.
* Any entry submitted without any of these details will be automatically discarded without further notice.

Entries have to close at 22:00 hrs. on Tuesday 11th October because there are so many other things going on!

In the event of entry numbers exceeding 12 teams, a draw will be made to select the successful competitors.

Some judges are also required. If you have an honest face, and would like to be considered for a judging position, please send an email, entitled ‘Judge’ with your name and mobile number to teacake@mullrally.org

From previous experience it appears that winning the competition counts towards the required qualifications to become a future Mull Rally Clerk of the Course (Well done Richard! 2017 Champion).

Ron Cowan
2022 Mull Rally Tunnock’s Teacake Eating Contest