Mackinnon Interview

Mackinnon’s got the “rally bug” again

AFTER GETTING THE rally bug again last year, Tobermory’s Paul Mackinnon is back determined to make a push to win the Beatson’s Mull Rally. He explains to Jim McGill how, having taken time to concentrate on his tourism business, he’s back relaxed and ready to have fun in a Subaru Impreza S14.

“I did the rally last year and definitely got the bug again,” Paul explained. “I would have liked to have done it in the Escort again, but the problem was my co-driver for this year, Daniel Barritt, wasn’t keen on the Escort at all. He wanted to try something different, so we got the Subaru.

“It’s something I know a bit better, having owned a Subaru in the past. This one is more modern; this one is a good machine and let’s face it, I feel I need all the help I can get,” he smiled.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the rally. Taking a wee bit of time away and just concentrating on work and stuff means I can enjoy it more when I’m back in the car. Sometimes when you’re tied up in it all, it’s just work and rallying, and it becomes difficult to enjoy it because you’re so busy with everything else.

“As for the guys to beat: I would have said Calum Duffy has won it quite a bit since I was competing, so he’s the main man; and he has a nice new Skoda being built. Of course it doesn’t matter what he’s in, he’s always going to be competitive.

“And of course, there’s my wee mate John MacCrone. He’s back in his R5, a state-of-the-art car, and I know how good he is. These are the boys I need to beat.”