SS9 Quotes and Overall Standings

Calum Duffy fastest through stages 8 & 9 to squeeze into the lead by one second as the cars headed to service.

Car 9, MacGillivray: “Those conditions merited slicks .. unfortunately we weren’t on slicks! But I don’t think we’ve dropped too much time to Calum and John. But we’ll be on slicks for the next group of stages.”

Car 2, Duffy: “Gearbox good, tyres good, car good, pace good. Went well through there. Doesn’t get much better.”

Car 1, MacCrone: “Much drier, but it’s tricky in this wee car. Really wrung its neck out through there, and I think we probably beat the bogey.”

Car 11, Pye: “Totally different conditions. We went for too soft a compound. We also went off on the first stage today and dropped around 15secs.”

Car 22, Weir: “Lovely when it’s dry. Great stage.”

Car 6, Cope: “No confidence in the car: just taking i as it comes.”

Car 40, Chadwick: “Just want to thank Andy Davidson and the guys for helping to dig me out of the ditch last night.”

Car 14, Mounsey: “Driveshaft ok after last night’s problems, but we went too conservative on tyres. Not ideal. But we were as quick as we could be, and the stages are fantastic today.”

Car 12, McGeehan: “Real good start to the day. We’ve had good runs so far. I’m delighted.”

Car 24, Sinclair: “Enjoyed that, which is all that matters really. Terrific.”

Car 8, Harper: “We’ve a misfire, broken steering rack .. got to go!”

Car 25, Bird: “Fast and furious — I prefer the damp and the dark! All I need is another driver.”

Car 4, O’Donnell: “The three stages today have been stunning. Everything which really sums up Mull … and it’s sunny and blue skies: what more could you ask for?”

SS9 Overall (Top 10):
1. Duffy 1hr 04mins 48secs; 2. MacGillivray +1.0secs; 3. Pye +2:19; 4. MacCrone +3:27; 5. Mounsey +4:11; 6. Weir +4:22; 7. McGeehan +4:46; 8. Cope +5:47; 9. Sinclair +5:49; 10. Cook +5:56.