SS6 Quotes and Overall Standings

Car2, Duffy: “Best stage so far: the gearbox problems have been sorted. Surface drying out a lot more, so much nicer to drive. I couldn’t have done any better tonight in the conditions we’ve had. We’ll give it a blast tomorrow, but I’m suspicious about the weather reports. As an islander, the only forecast I make is when I look out of the window and see the weather.”

Car 1, MacCrone: “We made a good push on the hill: it’s was my only chance really to make full advantage of he wee car, because if it’s dry tomorrow the big cars will hit us hard. I had a big moment as we came into Dervaig: two wheels up on a rock, which was pretty scary. Still, we’re still here and we’ll mount as big a push tomorrow as we can.”

Car 9, MacGillivray: “Yeh, I think the two guys ahead of us took a few seconds out o us, but I’m happy with where we are overall. No major hassles tonight, so now we’ll wait and see what the weather does tomorrow.”

Car 6, Cope: “Good clean run through there: the best stage of the night. We’re fighting back after a slow start. We were a bit too cautious to begin with.”

Car 8, Harper: “My views are unrepeatable, to be honest. Really slippy.”

Car 11, Pye: “Good run, nice and clean. We’ll push as hard as we can tomorrow in the daylight stages.”

Car 14, Mounsey: “Enjoyed it: went well.”

Car 12, McGeehan: “Enjoyed that. The first section was really narrow, which wasn’t good for the Mini, but into Dervaig it was good.”

Car 15, Cressey: “That was a lot better. We’ve taken the anti-roll bar out, and the car’s actually handling a lot better now. But the car’s still driving like a MkII Escort.”

Car 22, Weir: “Still smiling. We’re still here, it’s just tough. Touch wood, the car’s still going well.”

Car 21, Stell: “Bit sloppy in there, but we made a bit of a push to try and get ahead of Doug (Weir).

SS6 Overall (Top 10):
1. MacGillivray 51:31; 2. Duffy +0:30; 3. Pye +1:52. 4. MacCrone +3:12; 5. Weir +3:40; 6. Mounsey +3:41; 7. Stell +3:48; 8. Sinclair +4:1; 9. McGeehan +4:38; 10. Bird +4:50.