SS5 Quotes and Overall Standings

No2 — Duffy: “Gears seem to be ok: the guys tightened the linkage at service,a nd that seems to have cured it. Still can’t get the power down though the way I’d like it: we’re really struggling for pace. Conditions very tricky.”

No1 — MacCrone: “We’re continuing to find our rhythm, but there a huge amount of standing water out there. The car just keeps aquaplaning, and with big walls around, that’s not what you want. We went with slicks on the front, which probably wasn’t the right choice, with hindsight. The conditions were a lot worse than we thought they’d be. Much more standing water. But we’re still here, and fighting.”

No9 — MacGillivray: “We had another good run. There’s no doubt the weather conditions have played into our hands, but we’ve been able to maximise our performances. The whole package has been good, and we’ve had the notes spot-on.”

No6 — Cope: “This is my 25th year competing here. So far, this year’s certainly been better than last year.”

No3 — Taylor: “I could only see through the bottom three inches of the windscreen, it had teamed up so much. I had to stop twice on the stage because I literally couldn’t see where I was going.”

No8 — Harper: “I’m a little bit happier with the car, and my performance. There’s a lot of water, and it’s very slippy. I’ve had a few visibly issues, but the exhaust problem earlier was worse.”

No11 — Pye: “Struggling with the standing water: going ok though.”

No14 — Mounsey: “The service crew, and an electrician, sorted out the driveshaft problems at service, so hats off to them. A few bits got hot through SS3, but I think we’ll be ok now.”

No12 — McGeehan: “Happy to get through those stages: I was on cut slicks again. The dark doesn’t bother me: I like it.”

No15 — Cressey: “I’m always happy: but we haven’ decided who’s in charge yet — me or the car? But it’ all good fun, and it’s certainly getting my attention!”

No22 — Weir: “So far, so good really. If I can keep this pace going, I’ll be well chuffed. The last stage tonight though is going to be tricky.”

No21 — Stell: “Going really well so far. My tyre choices have been good, which has helped. I’ve stuck with the inters, and that’s been the right choice.”

SS5 Overall (Top 10):
1. MacGillivray 39:30; 2. Duffy +0:33; 3. Pye +1:44. 4. Weir +2:32; 5. Stell +3:02; 6. Chadwick +3:13; 7. Mounsey +3:14; 8. Sinclair +3:17; 9. MacCrone +3:28; 10. Bird +3:35.