SS3 Quotes and Overall Standings

No2 — Duffy: “Not too bad towards the end, but it’s still jumping out of gear … but it’s improving. It’s only first that’s jumping out, but the rest I’m having to shift manually instead of using the paddles. I think we can repair the damage.”

No1 — MacCrone: “That was better. We’re back on it. We beat the bogey. We just need to forget all about the first stage. We’ll make a few changes to the car at service: but we’ve got the pace. We’re feeling much more settled.”

No3 —Taylor: “Bad — really bad brake problem.”

No9 — MacGillivray: “Slippy stage, but he car is good. I’ve waited two years for this, and I’m a happy man.”

No6 — Cope: “We’ve got a brake issue. I’m getting so much judder through he car that I thought we had a puncture!”

No8 — Harper: “Wrong tyres, broken exhaust. We’ve lost the rally already.”

No11 — Pye: “Good stage. The start was better, and we have no problem with the car.”

No14 — Mounsey: “We’ve a broken diff: hope the guys can repair the damage at service.”

No12 — McGeehan: “We broke a driveshaft on the startling, and basically had to limp through that stage just in the hope we can get the car back to service. Pain, because we fitted new ones before the start of the rally.”

No21 — Stell: “We made the right tyre choice, and it’s been good going so far.”

SS3 Overall:
1. MacGllivray 28:21; 2. Duffy +0:10; 3. Pye +0:47. 4. Weir +1:36; 5. Sinclair +1:50; 6. Chadwick +1:52; 7. Stell +2:04; 8. Taylor +2:15; 9. Bird +2:22. 10. Mounsey +2:29. Others: 13: MacCrone +2:57s.