SS2 Quotes and Overall Positions

No2 — Duffy: “That was hellish at the start of the stage. We’re still struggling with the gearbox: having to hold it in gear. We don’t have a spare, so we’re up against it.”

No1 — MacCrone: “Not a good stage again. We’re struggling with confidence after the off on SS1. Als there’s possibly something broken on the steering: I’m not happy with the front of the car. But there’s a long way to go: we’re still pretty chilled.”

No3 —Taylor: “The last two miles were very god, but now I think we have a cracked disc … plus a steamed up windscreen.”

No9 — MacGillivray: “The first stage was really tough, and that was no better. But I think we’re having a good run.”

No6 — Cope: “The first part was very wet, and I had no confidence. felt better in the second part of the stage. First time really in the car after spending two years rebuilding it.”

No8 — Harper: “Broken exhaust: very slip. Had to back off.”

No11 — Pye: “Good run through SS2. Sweating a bit, and I think that’s contributing to me steaming up the windscreen.”

No12 — McGeehan: “Enjoyed that stage. It was wet, but it wasn’t raining. Very tricky: firs time out on cut slicks in the wet. It was ok.”

No14 — Mounsey: “Nightmare. We had broken driveshaft. Only got 2WD.”

No15 — Cressey: “Getting stuck in the water lines when we brake. I had one of the biggest saves of my life in there: in fourth at 80-90mph. But I’m enjoying it: I’m smiling and having fun on Mull. Fantastic.”

Overall after SS2:
1. MacGillivray 20mins 46secs; 2. Duffy +10s; 3. Pye +42s; 4. McGeehan +1:06s; 5. Sinclair +1:14s; 6. Weir +1:29s; 7. Chadwick +1:37s; 8. Stell +1:42s; 9. Tayor +1:53s. 10. Bird +1:59s. Others: 20. MacCrone +2:57s.