SS19 Quotes and Overall Standings

Calum Duffy eased himself through the last two stages — before the final 22-miler Long One — as he continued to protect his lead. The seven-time winner leads Tristan Pye by 2mins 23 secs, with last year’s winner John MacCrone a further 39s adrift.

Car 2, Duffy: “We’re happy enough: not doing anything stupid. We’re just maintaining an even, consistent pace. Ok we’re losing a wee bit of time to the two cars behind us, but we have the buffer of that time in hand, so we’re ok. Just trying to control it now to the end.”

Car 11, Pye: “We’ve had a good weekend. It would be good to get to the end and still have John behind me.”

Car 1, MacCrone: “It’s going ok: well, we did have a bit of a moment at the last corner there. We’ve been fast. But Tristan’s been fast as well. It’s been a good battle. We’re probably still around 45s behind Tristan, which is probably too much to make up on the last stage: but we’ll certainly be doing our best.”

Car 24, Sinclair: “Been very cautious tonight. I’ve just got it into my head now that I want to get to the end. I’m lifting early, braking early. I want to catch, but I don’t want to be caught. We’ll get to the end.”

Car 22, Weir: “Good fun, The stages are in terrific condition. And there are so many spectators: it’s brilliant.”

Car 6, Cope: “Our earlier runs this evening weren’t bad, but that last one didn’t flow too well. This is my 25th Mull Rally, and whether it’s this one, or my 45th, I’ll definitely be back for more.”

Car 8, Harper: “Pretty good stage: but now I’m looking forward to the last one.”

Car 82, Barlow: “We got a bit more aggressive in that last stage, and hopefully we haven’t sot to much time.”

Car 40, Chadwick: “Now we’re just concentrating on finishing.”

Car 58, Morrison: “We’ve lost our clutch pedal. Hopefully we can limp back to service and get it repaired in time for the Long One.”

Car 34, Rintoul: “Good weekend. That last stage was a bit slippier than I thought it would be. Softly softly now to the end.”

SS19 Overall (Top 10 — confirmed):
1. Duffy 2hr 06mins 13secs; 2. Pye +2:23; 3. MacCrone +3:02; 4. Weir +7:51; 5. Cope 8:43; 6. Sinclair +8:53; 7. Bird +9:45; 8. Cook 9:46; 9. Barlow 9:52; 10. Chadwick 10:58.