SS17 Quotes and Overall Standings

Calum Duffy eased himself through the opening two stages in Tobermory this evening at the start of Leg 3 and protected his lead. The seven-time winner leads Tristan Pye by 2mins 31 secs, with last year’s winner John MacCrone a further 45s adrift.

Car 2, Duffy: “The town was a bit slippier than I thought it would be. On the longer stage I think I pushed a bit harder than I’d planned and over-cooked my tyres a bit more than I should have, which wasn’t clever.”

Car 1, MacCrone: “Tricky. In the town stage the wee car struggled up the steep hill, and we suffered a lot of wheelspin. But the run through the Lochs was excellent. I think we’ve gone pretty well over the opening two stages.”

Car 11, Pye: “Fine, no problem. Hard work, but the conditions are perfect for a driver.”

Car 24, Sinclair: “That was as good as in the daytime. We were committed to the notes, and we did ok. The back-end though was stepping out a bit.”

Car 22, Weir: “Good: no problem. Enjoyed the blast round the town. Loads of spectators.”

Car 6, Cope: “Seemed to go well. Not too slippy.”

Car 8, Harper: “Good time: better than last time.”

Car 82, Barlow: “Not so good: I think we’ve lost the mindset a wee bit. Now we’re tying to survive to the finish. We’ll have a bit of a regroup before the next stage.”

Car 12, McGeehan: “Disaster. We stopped two or three times simply because the car lost all power, and we had no lights. We hit the side of the stage, and we literally couldn’t see where we were going. We’ll check the car out and see if we can find the problem. But really we’re in the lap the Gods. Disappointing.”

Car 23, Cook: “That was a little blast. These two stages were good.”

Car 25, Bird: “Still going: not long to go.”

Car 40, Chadwick: “We went a bit steady: probably could and should have gone faster. But we’re really just building up to a crescendo for the last stage, the Long One.”

Car 58, Morrison: “That was fine. We put a new diff in this afternoon and it’s a totally different beast now.”

Car 29, Mathew: “We’ve no handbrake, so we’re having to chuck it around a bit. But I wouldn’t swap this for the world.”

SS17 Overall (Top 10):
1. Duffy 1hr 55mins 05secs; 2. Pye +2:31; 3. MacCrone +3:16; 4. Weir +7:20; 5. Sinclair +7:59; 6. Cope +8:05; 7. Barlow +8:58; 8. Cook 9:09; 9. Bird +9:10; 10. McGeehan +9:18.