SS15 Quotes and Overall Standings

Car 2, Duffy: “It’s always better chasing, rather than having to defend a lead. You never quite know what pace to go, and that means there’s always the chance of making a mistake. I’m just doing what I can.”

Car 1, MacCrone: “Loving it. We’re trying very hard. This wee car (Ford Fiesta R200) is awesome to drive. We’ll look at the times when we get back and see if second is possible. If it is, then we’ll push even harder tonight. There are so many spectators out there: coming over the hill was awesome. It definitely makes you try even harder.”

Car 22, Weir: “Very happy. Looking forward to tonight.”

Car 11, Pye: “Definitely pleased. John (MacCrone) is a bit quick, and it’ll be difficult to keep him behind us. We’re in for a tough fight to hold on to second.”

Car 6, Cope: “Not our best afternoon. A couple of cars ahead of us have gone out, yet we’ve stayed in the same place because a couple of cars have passed us. We’ve a real issue with the brakes.”

Car 12, McGeehan: “The brakes are a bit hot, and they’re going off a bit. We can’t do any more: we’ll try and consolidate fourth tonight.”

Car 40, Chadwick: “I hope the guys behind me don’t catch me. If we can push a little bit harder, I’ll be really chuffed.”

Car 24, Sinclair: “That was good, but the tyres are going a bit ‘mouldy’, and they’re moving a bit under pressure. But we’re fine.”

Car 58, Morrison: “We’ve got a propshaft universal joint gone now. Hopefully we can change that.”

Car 23, Cook: “Fabulous: car going like a train.”

Car 57, Constantine: “Good run again.”

SS15 Overall (Top 10):
1. Duffy 1hr 45mins 53secs; 2. Pye +2:36; 3. MacCrone +3:19; 4. Weir +5:31; 5. McGeehan +5:58; 6. Sinclair +6:20; 7. Cope +7:39; 8. Barlow +8:09; 9. Cook +8:30; 10. Bird +8:36.