SS12 Quotes and Overall Standings

Overnight leader James MacGilliviray forced to retire his Subaru on SS11 with mechanical problems after sliding wide and clipping some rocks. Calum Duffy extends lead, Tristan Pye now second with John MacCrone third.

Car 2, Duffy: “Times were good. Conditions tricky: dry, but greasy under the trees. Just got to be careful … but flat-out.”

Car 1, MacCrone: “Aye, we’re going well now. Those stages were really tough on tyres: they took a real battering. Huge amount of people out on the tags today, and they’re all being very safety-conscious Really good and quick day so far.”

Car 11, Pye: “Still smiling, and still going. That group of stages was a hard loop.”

Car 22, Weir: “That was pretty good. I was too quick over one of the jumps and the back-end jumped up a bit, but I was able to catch it … we got away with it.”

Car 6, Cope: “Good run, but we’re nowhere near the leaders’ pace. But boy, we’re having a blast!”

Car 12, McGeehan: “Car’s good, and she sounds good. That last stage was very technical towards the end, but I’m loving it.”

Car 40, Chadwick: “Thought we had a puncture after we ran a bit wide and went over some rocks, but we seem to have got away with it. Car’s still going fine.”

Car 24, Sinclair: “That was terrific: the car’s handling brilliant!”

Car 26, Haigh: “That was fantastic — I feel my arms are about to fall off. I’ve never work so hard for ages. We’re really buzzing.”

SS12 Overall (Top 10):
1. Duffy 1hr 25mins 21secs; 2. Pye +1:53; 3. MacCrone +3:01; 4. McGeehan +5:25; 5. Weir +5:28; 6. Clark +5:33; 7. Sinclair +6:31; 8. Cope +6:48; 9. Barlow +6:57; 10. Cook 7:14.