SS1 times and quotes

SS1 Driver Quotes:
No 1 — John MacCrone: “That was total madness. We went off halfway through the stage and went down quite a bit. We dropped about two-and-a-half minutes. Horrendous: no grip. But there’s a long, long way to go. Both Calum and Peter passed us, then we caught and got passed Peter. Crazy.”

No 2 — Calum Duffy: “Terrible, no grip whatsoever. We fitted slicks, and it was horrible. Plus we had a problem with the gearbox: it kept popping out of gear. Really struggling for grip.”

No 3 — PeterTaylor “Horrendous. We were on slicks, and it was dangerous. We gambled on conditions getting better: it got worse.”

No9 — James MacGillivray: “Felt quick, but we were on slicks.”

No6 — John Cope: “Steamed up windscreen. Struggled to see. We went on inters.”

No8 — Daniel Harper: “Broke the exhaust just half a mile into the stage. Not the start we wanted. Conditions terrible.”

No11 — Tristan Pye: “Very wet. Got worse as we went on. We went for cut slicks.”

No12 — Derek McGeehan: “”Out on cut slicks — very treacherous. I was aquaplaning right through the stage: I just couldn’t accelerate.”

S1 Times:
MacGillivray 11mins 30secs; 2. Duffy +02s; 3. Pye +28s; 4. McGeechan +30s; 5. Weir +49s; 6. Stell +52s; 7. Ronaldson +53s; 8. MacKenzie +59s; 9. Taylor +1:00; 10. Mounsey 1:03. Others: 19. MacCrone +2:32; 20. McRae +3:00.